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Innovative + alternative.

We have been trading since February 2022 and are making steady strides in the marketplace as a legal provider of choice for new and established businesses and consultancies alike.


New is a legal consultancy, not a law firm. Law firms are heavily regulated and must adhere to strict rules, compliance procedures and insurance requirements, which come with high operating costs. This partly explains why they are often rigid and expensive.

Our legal services. The legal services that New and its network of consultants offer, including commercial and corporate legal services, and compliance solutions, fall outside of the ‘reserved activities’ set out in the Legal Services Act 2007 (LSA), and are therefore ‘unreserved activities’ or ‘non-reserved activities’. This means that we are free to practice those areas of English law, and others, without being required to be regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

We are alternative & innovative. We comply with all applicable laws, however we aren’t regulated and restricted by the regulations imposed on law firms. This means we can be innovative in our approach: we shape our solutions, pricing, and business model around you, because we have that flexibility. We work to our own high standards and set out own rules and procedures.

Our network of legal consultants. Unless otherwise notified to you in writing, none of our legal consultants act as solicitors regulated and authorised by the SRA. Consultants who may be practising solicitors independently of New, are acting as ‘legal consultants’ for services they supply to you, and not as regulated and authorised solicitors, even if they are admitted to practice law in England and Wales and are registered as solicitors with the SRA, with current practicing certificates. Our other legal consultants are not qualified solicitors but are competent professionals with the right legal experience and knowledge to deliver.

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