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Practical advice to accelerate your growth and increase your income

Down-to-earth accelerator programme, entrepreneurship coaching, mentorship & speaking gigs for founders, solopreneurs & consultants, £99/month


Monthly membership.


You have flexibility. 


Apply/start this week.


You need proper money to build + scale. Customers are your best investors – let's get you more of them.


Get unstuck and clear on optimal options to fast-track traction and profitability so you can build + scale.


Selling your vision and closing deals takes true leadership. Boost your entrepreneurial confidence.

Get your business moving now, not in 3 years

The majority of founders hit a brick wall or fail before having a breakthrough.


There are many ways to bring in revenue, create a scalable business, and to do it faster and more easily than you might think.


With the right platform and support you can achieve things with far less aggravation professionally and personally.

You'll have direct access to serial entrepreneurs and legal experts to help you professionalise and accelerate things.


Contact us to discover how we can help you move forward today so you don't waste valuable time, money and energy.


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Jonathan Cozens
Director, Growth GPS
Advisory services for high-growth businesses


I've had the benefit of working with great business coaches and mentors, but this stuff is next level!

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 21.53.01.png

Nadine Stanton
CEO, Professional
Training for the legal industry


Ingenuity club is thought-provoking, challenging and fun! I recommend this group for all entrepreneurs looking to gain clarity and a sounding board outside their own business.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 21.54.05.png

Philippe Ingels
Animation production studio


Lightbulb moments sometimes just happen, but rather than sit around waiting for them, you can get them regularly by having access to the right people. Ingenuity Club is such a place.


Richard Hall
Founder, Storytelling For Social Good


Ian bursts with wisdom about small and solo business development. He helped sharpen my thinking about my freelance business – how to consider and frame my offer, define my competitive advantage, research my sector and shape conversations with clients.


Dr Andrew Watson
Director, AWA
Data analytics


The Ingenuity group is an excellent resource for those looking to scale their business. Spending time with successful entrepreneurs and masters of their respective fields, David and Ian bring a wealth of different experience to the table.

Onwards and upwards!

Book a 30-min Zoom/call today to tell us about your vision

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