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Thank you for visiting us. By using the Sites and Services, you agree to our Terms of Service, which apply to orders made by you and the supply of services, products, content, memberships and subscriptions by us to you (“Services”), and your use of the Sites. The Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement between you and us, so please read them carefully.



This page provides important Legal Information about who we are, your contractual relationship with us, and how your personal information is collected and processed, along with legal notices. Please read everything, including the Legal Documentation, which is accessible via the links below, before using the Sites or ordering Services from us. If you are unable to access any of the Legal Documentation, we can send it to you. Kindly note that we may update the Legal Information and content on our Website from time to time without notice. Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.


Legal Documentation


Terms of Service

Privacy Policy



We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. Our Privacy Policy provides information about your privacy rights and how the law protects you, how we look after your personal data, and the cookies we use. The Data Protection Terms contain data processing terms and conditions that form part of the Terms of Service and your Agreement with us. We are the controller and responsible for your personal data. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Please see more information about the cookies we use below. You can contact our privacy manager using the Contact Details below.


About us


N3WWW Ltd (trading as New and Ingenuity), is a limited company registered in England & Wales, company number 13889459, registered office Suite 169, 23 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1AH (‘Business’, ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’). We are a legal and business consultancy, not a law firm, and are not authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We operate the Platform/Website and its subdomains, and use third party platforms, websites, products and service providers, including social media (“Sites”) to deliver the Services. We are not presently registered for VAT. 


Contact Details


Name: N3WWW LTD (trading as New and Ingenuity)

Address: Suite 169, 23 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1AH

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3642 6715

Email: hello @ n3www [.] com


Account: if you have an account with us, you may use your account dashboard for communication and notices.




The Content the Sites is provided to you for informational purposes only. While we endeavour to keep Content on the Sites up-to-date, and while the information provided has been obtained from sources  believed to be reliable, we do not make any representation, warranty (express or implied) or guarantee as to the completeness, accuracy, timeliness or suitability of any part of the content provided or that it is free from error or omission. No Content on the Sites constitutes legal, financial, or investment advice, or any other form of professional advice or regulated services, and the Sites are not a substitute for such advice. You must not rely on any Content on the Sites before making, or refraining from making any decisions, and doing so is entirely at your sole option and risk, which you acknowledge. You must obtain your own independent professional or specialist advice for your particular circumstances before taking, or refraining from taking, any action.

Trade Marks

‘New’, 'New Legal', 'Ingenuity' and 'Ingenuity Club' are our UK unregistered trade marks.



No part of our Website may be copied, reproduced or distributed without our prior written consent.

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